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Disturbing Decisions

October 18, 2011

What is the cost among this decision and others? In our life we have to decide on many things such as what we eat today, which brand is worth our cash, who we should make friends with, how to manage our time, where to study, etc. Some easy, some difficult, the harder it is, the more you get.

Imagine that: “If your mother and your lover fall into the river, whom will you save?” Actually, this is tough because it is related to personal emotion.

Step1: we need to analyze them.

A mother is a person that most of us rely on since we were born. She gives us life, love, sympathy, understanding, loyalty, safety, protection, shelter, money, experience, and finally we call a house home. How many people you have met can do these functions?

On the other hand, a lover is someone new, challenging, attractive, profitable, sparkling, mysterious, lovable, and probably unique. Fortunately, we find one in a million.

Step 2: if we weigh them, who is heavier? When we are a young child, a mother, the only angel you have known so far, is more important than a lover but when we come of age, become mature, that position will be replaced by another who we think without him/her we couldn’t keep living, breathing. Our heart will stop beating until we track down a substitute.

Let’s consider the loss. If we lose our mother, the benefits mentioned will be gone. However, our lover will bring a new wind. In contrast to this, we still have what we got from our mother.

After all, the solution I think feasible when we are in the dilemma like this is to ask for help immediately if there is anybody around us. Then we have another 4 cases:

First, if we have ability to rescue 2 of them, easily just help them come ashore.

Second, only one person will survive. We need to take our aptitude, as well as surroundings into account. At this time, we cannot base on feelings because they are both important.

Third, the worst consequence is we don’t know how to swim. If we jump into the water, we will have 3 corpses. In order to minimize the loss, we should try our best except committing suicide.

Forth, stop imagining.

Making a decision is a hard task for the majority of indecisive people. However, it will be more testing to make a right one. At some point down the line, we will be put in an unwanted position and we try to escape from it but how to do it? We have to take risks.

In my opinion, I would rather take a wrong decision than do nothing. It proves that my brain is working. It just needs some adjustment to go in the proper direction. The example above is not really a question to answer. All reasons you give are equitable. That is when you ought to make up your mind in an emergency. Whatever it is, actions bring you a positive point than standing still.

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