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The Crossroads Of Cross-Cultural And Social Media Skills

October 21, 2011

As a tourist, when you travel to another country, you need to understand some commonplace culture so that you will not make a lot of embarrassing mistakes. A sign, a word, a symbol, or a gesture, etc. has different meaning in every country. Even within a country like Vietnam, there are still some differences amongst the northern, the middle and the southern area. For example, when you order an iced coffee in the southern part, you will get a glass full of coffee and ice. But you will not have the same thing in the middle of Vietnam. An iced coffee at that time consists of strong coffee and very little ice.

Cross-cultural skills are not new. Nowadays, a modern channel has appeared that helps us have instant, effective, and interactive communication with other people, as well as lively dialogue with sound, images, and video sharing, etc. That is social media where people can achieve a lot of fun, keep contact with the outside world without moving a muscle of their legs.

Resulting from the development of technology which is applied to business, traditional marketing in reality has a companion known as e-marketing or digital marketing in virtual world and social media is a crucial set of tools for e-marketing.

Cross-cultural skills are important not only to individuals but also to organizations, especially international or multinational companies which are designated as masters of these skills. Many people along with corporations wonder if cross-cultural skills can help them quickly adapt to social media. The answer is YES.

Some points found below will show where the crossroads is

  1. Playing along with your knowledge

We cannot know everything in the universe. You should accept its status quo, you may do guess work. Take a try, you might fail but get experience for your next business. In real life, it is hard for you to connect to a person you don’t know anything about. However, by facebook, blogs, twitter, etc. things are much easier.

2. From the initial look

First impression always exists. Most of people have a tendency to evaluate the objects they have met. This is ordinary but when it becomes prejudice, a barrier is coming.

3. Find the words that fit audiences’ heart

I can say that people participating in social media are more open-minded than the rest but you do have the factor number 2 I mentioned. People here love to share their stories with others and a good social media player should read, see, listen and give feedback with empathy.

4. Suspect your assumptions

Assumption is a way to approach a new environment. That is based on your knowledge and understanding which probably happened to you or you knew about it before but it is not what is going on in this situation. Question your assumptions to have a clear view of milieu.

5. Put it into your closet and shut the door

Sometimes the answers to questions are objectionable. You find out some causes under the surface. Nevertheless, you are not satisfied with them. That’s stuck in your mind. You cannot completely understand another culture because of your cultural background. So you should know how to move along with that acknowledgement. There is no answer doesn’t mean there is no reason for a matter. But is it really worth your time?

6. Jump into a colorful world

Show your flexibility and embrace the variety if you do not want to freeze your business. The diversity of habit, behavior, language, hobby, culture, etc. will give chances to broaden your mind as well as your organization.

7. Transparency

Understanding yourself is an entrance key to any community. You know where you are, what benefits you can offer, where the boundary is, what you are interested in.  This is also applied to a company. It should have a deep observation of its objectives, resources including human, money, equipment and other elements. Then using social media will not confuse at all because now you know a little about where you choose to go, how far you can reach, who can be with you, when you need to do more or stop, etc.

Now you can use both cross-cultural and social media skills to enter a market with a high percentage of success.

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  1. Ankur Gupta permalink
    October 25, 2011 3:52 pm

    for you “every finish line is beginning of new race….”and u doing excellent no words to say ……its is damn good

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