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Where is the customer service in your business?

October 27, 2011

Once upon a time, customers bought products because they were in need and they had to find suppliers. At that time, a desirable product was worth 100% of customers’ money. Probably due to these reasons:

  1. Customers only gave a bare amount of cash to the companies so what customers got were just products because of low marginal profit.
  2. Customers didn’t have many choices. There used to be a world of manufacturers.
  3. There was a shortage of goods because of wars, catastrophes, trade embargo, unproductive machinery, etc.
  4. Customers didn’t have enough information for the lack of modern technology such as mobile phone, internet, interactive television, etc. and the effort of producers or distributors since:
    • First, the view point of appreciating products made the companies forget their source of revenue
    • Second, the companies didn’t have to fight much against others as there were not a lot of firms in the market, or there was a phenomenon of monopoly, duopoly, collusive oligopoly, or governmental subsidy…
    • Third, inflation hurt the business then the corporations ought to reduce the some costs like marketing fund, employee downsizing.

Back to the 21st century, when the customers control the trigger of manufacturers, many innovative inventions which mainly help the customers be on top have come out. One noticeable is internet. Nowadays, counting the number of people who don’t use the internet is easier than doing the contrary thing. And the development of economy causes a large volume of all-size companies which have to compete with one another fiercely.

As a result, a product is the core value of customers’ expenditure but that’s not sufficient. Then what happens next? Companies cannot throw their products at the customers anymore. They vitally need to take the bull by the horns and change their attitudes towards their kings. The companies start to train their staff to satisfy the customers beside the quality of products. That’s what we call customer service.

It’s said that a company hands a product to a customer and its customer service pass an experience to him/her. Is it right?

Now we understand how important the customer service is. Most of the companies know this however there is another crucial question: the ways of doing it well or I see my target but which way to go?

To the best of my knowledge, there are a few ideas I would like to share with you:

  1. Always within customers’ reach: you have to create the most convenient conditions for your customers, whenever or wherever they call, you are immediately present.
  2. Listen to their complaints and improve your shortcomings: if the customers are sad, disappointed, that means your business is going down. You sell the products, but nevertheless the customers regularly buy and use them. Who has more experiences? They spend their money on your product, so they must be stricter than you.
  3. Keep your promises: in some cases you might break commitment to the customers with acceptable explanations. However, the less you do it, the more trust you’ll gain.
  4. Golden employees: your workers directly take care of your customers, so you should look after your staff because if the staffers feel happy, the same feeling will take place to your customers.
  5. Smile and talk to your customers: smiles are signs of hospitality, only cruel people wouldn’t smile back. Welcome them is not expensive, you can afford it. Of course, most of people are willing to say something back or they will have another smile. Some sociable customers could even have a conversation so that you can collect customers’ data. That’s really a hat-trick.

Finally, customer service plays a significant role in any business. Customer service should always exist before, during and after the transactions as a current deal prepares for the next one and you are ready to get other earnings.

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  1. Ankur gupta permalink
    October 27, 2011 6:52 am

    awesome…totally dedication of u showed….and ab cause its shows…”customer’s are very necessary need in our daily premises…..”

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