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The Showdown of Social Networks

October 27, 2011

Needless to say, 2011 Google Plus took part in the social communities. Along with Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and other prior networks, Google+ has a lot of followers and this number will incredibly soar. Is it another promising land for marketers?

According to Larry Kim, when he compiled Web analytics data in July 2011, a result of share came out: Facebook 47.26%, Twitter 27.51%, Google+ 15.42%, and Linkedin 9.81%. This means the traffic of Facebook is much more than others. Google+ may be a newcomer but the visitors to the website exceeded that of Linkedin.

Although the users of Google is about 20 million less than +100 million users of Linkedin, the reasons below can account for this phenomenon:

Novelty, spam: Google+ is new so it hasn’t caused much attention from the spammers. Users are not irritated by this problem and easier to find shared content.

User engagement: Linked users seldom check their network compared to Facebook, and Twitter. A recent Pew Internet study showed that just 3% of LinkedIn users check the network several times a day.

Nowadays, Google is a famous brand. It provides a lot of useful applications such as Google Chrome, Google Map, Gmail, etc. and not to mention its core value web search engine which has been familiar to many Internet users. Google even becomes a verb when people want to look for something on the internet.

So we see how Google has influenced the life of Internet citizen.  It can be advantages for Google to launch a piece of software like Google+. Only a short time but the distance from Google to Facebook, and Twitter has shortened. People have been attracted by this network. It is implied that marketers as well as companies should make use of this new guy to approach potential customers.

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  1. Ankur gupta permalink
    October 27, 2011 6:38 am

    don’t think the social networking is resposible for the time killing of the youth of leading countries…..they are spending more time on these sites….rather then serving there nation….isnt it rediculous……there is a very well know slogen……”if u wanna destroy a country,destroy their youth”….and these social networking sites are doing so….did u agree on that…

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